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Solar Energy System

Green Energy

Green Energy: As a clean and renewable energy source, solar energy systems reduce air pollution and the release of greenhouse gases. By decreasing dependency on fossil fuels, they mitigate negative environmental impacts and contribute to a sustainable, green future.

Sustainable Savings

Choosing to install solar is a smart financial decision. Using natural energy sources reduces your dependency on the grid, which lowers your electricity costs. Plus, you're protected from escalating electricity bills in the future. which makes it a wise and economical decision.

Increased Home Value

The research has shown that installing Solar panels at home increases home value by 5 to 6%. Lower electricity bills make the property more appealing, as it enables both immediate savings and a long-term return on investment. Solar-equipped homes are now seen as important assets in the real estate market due to the increased demand for green homes, which raises their market value.

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Why Cosmo Solaris ?

With the vision of providing best-in-class solar solutions, we follow industry standard and best-practices. Our commitment to quality has resulted in our accreditation as solar professionals by NABCEP, REC and Solar Insurance. We are solar installers who install and pull the permits on our own. We are providing turnkey solution that includes all equipment hardware, 30- year warranties, backed up insurance warranties, Rebates, SREC/Buyback plan, financing, installation, design, supplies, permitting, administration, Net Metering, interconnection with utility, final inspection from City, County, HOA, PTO and Utility included.

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What We Offer

We are offering a free site inspection through a non-binding agreement. With the knowledge of all industry trends, our specialist teams are equipped to meet all of your energy needs. We believe in educating the home owner rather than just selling. Homeowners can cancel anytime without penalty.


We are offering a free site inspection through a non-binding agreement. With the knowledge of all industry trends, our specialist teams are equipped to meet all of your energy needs.

Save Money

Reduces dependency on the grid; lowers electricity cost

Power During Outages

Power your house with solar and battery during outages

Easy Installment

Multiple financing options with easy installments

Tax Credit & Incentives

NABCEP certified teams make you eligible for FTC

Low Maintenance

Top Notch Materials with low maintenance

Backup Warranties

Unparalleled 30-year warranties with backup warranties


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Turnkey Solution

Our Process

We are committed to deliver the project in 6 to 8 weeks. But if we fail to complete the project in 10 weeks, then we will pay your electricity bills until the system is up and running.


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For Enhancing Your Energy Production

Let's Build A

Cleaner Future

We will make an online account for trading SRECs, where homeowners can trade SRECs or we can do the job on their behalf. SREC is an incentive that homeowners are going to get within the specific period of time. It is also called production incentive. We will write down all of the details into the solar agreement in clear words.


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Frequently Asked Questions

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Thank you for your interest in solar energy. To discuss your options and review the best quote, we would like to schedule a meeting with you at a time that works best for you. During the meeting, we can go over the following details:

1 - Initial system design, including panel layout, system size, and production vs. consumption analysis
2 - Financing options based on your preferences and budget
3 - Information on the installation process, including the timeline and any potential disruptions
4 - Addressing any initial questions or concerns you may have

If there is anything else you want to add to the agenda of the meeting, or if you have any questions or concerns before the meeting, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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If you have any concerns regarding solar or if you need to inquire about anything like equipment, warranties, rebates, incentives, or financing, We would love to answer all of your questions.
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