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We believe in quality sales and delivering value to the clients. Therefore, we only offer the top-notch material. However, we can also arrange any kind of material on the client’s demand.


The Panel job is to convert Sunlight into Direct Current

We offer premium panels. There are three kinds of panels available in the market; standard, standard plus, and premium. These categories are based mainly on the efficiency, degradation, and low-light behavior of the panels.


How is the quality of the panel measured?

Efficiency is the capability to convert sunlight into direct current, whereas the panel loses its capability to generate electricity over time; this is called degradation in the performance of the panels. Low-light behavior determines the performance on cloudy and winter days.



What is Job of an inverter?

The inverter’s job is to convert the Direct current produced by the panels into Alternate Current, which is then consumed by the home appliances and can also be sent back to the grid.

How is the quality of the inverter measured?

The quality of the inverter depends on its efficiency and maximum AC output.In the case of a string inverter, all the panels are connected to one string inverter; if any of the panels are under shade or malfunction, the whole system will be affected. The strength of the chain depends on its weakest link. Moreover, you can’t have panel-wise monitoring with a string inverter.


What is the role of battery?

The battery stores excess energy that is produced by your system which can be utilized in the evening.If the grid is down, the solar system doesn’t work, unless it is backed by a battery. The battery works as a mini-grid in case of an outage.

How is the quality of the battery measured?

The quality of the Battery depends on the following factors:



Shingle Roof

Rail-based racking systems: These systems use rails that are attached to the roof with flashing and lag bolts. Solar panels are then mounted onto these rails using clamps or brackets.

Non-penetrating racking systems: These systems do not require roof penetrations and rely on ballast or weights to secure the solar panels in place. They are suitable for shingle roofs to avoid damaging the roof.

Flat Roof

Ballasted racking systems: These systems use weighted ballasts to hold the solar panels in place without penetrating the roof membrane. They are commonly used on flat roofs and provide a stable mounting solution.

Tilted racking systems: These systems allow solar panels to be tilted at an angle to optimize sunlight exposure. They are often used on flat roofs to improve energy production


We are offering the following brands. We can also provide any other brand on demand.

If you are looking for a comprehensive energy solution that provides both renewable and backup power during the outages. Generators are available with the solar system to provide energy security, enhanced reliability and increased autonomy. These generators are designed to seamlessly integrate with solar systems.We offer a range of generator options suitable for different applications and energy needs, allowing for customization based on the size and requirements of the solar system and the homeowner’s specific preferences.


Our Offerings

We offer all of these Tier 1 panels.

Note: Other brands are also available on demand

We Recommend: REC 405 AA Alpha Pure

We strongly recommend REC 405 AA Alpha Pure panels because of its cheap and affordable price, better efficiency, and low degradation rate. Its efficiency is as high as 22%, and its degradation is as low as 8% over 25 years. Moreover, it has very good low-light behavior. These panels are also wind, fire, hail, and snow tested. We are also REC Pro-Trust installers, which gives you a 25 year manufacturer warranty on product, labor and performance.

Our Offerings

There are two kinds of inverters being served in the market; the string inverters and the micro inverters. We offer both of these kinds.

Note: Other brands are also available on demand

We Recommend: Enphase Micro Inverters

We recommend our clients to go with the micro inverter and more particularly with Enphase Micro inverters. It is a market leader in the solar industry because of its reliable equipment range and a better monitoring device

Our Offerings

We offer all of these Tier 1 panels.

Note: Other brands are also available on demand


We Recommend: FranklinWH A Power

If you want to run all the load on the battery, we recommend you go with FranklinWH A Power due to its high peak output power and storage capacity. It comes with an a-gate and can be easily integrated with the generator. It also comes with a smart load management application, by which you can manage your home load while using the battery backup.

Ground Mount System

Pole-mounted racking systems: These systems use vertical poles anchored into the ground to support solar panels. They are suitable for ground-mounted installations where there is available open space.

Fixed-tilt racking systems: Similar to flat roof tilted systems, ground mount systems can use fixed-tilt racking to position panels at an optimal angle for sunlight exposure.

Metal Roofs

Direct-attach racking systems: These systems are designed to attach solar panels directly to standing seam metal roofs without penetrating the roof surface. They use clamps that grip onto the seams of the metal roof.

Penetrating racking systems: In some cases, penetrating racking systems may be used on metal roofs, where mounting brackets or feet are attached to the roof structure using bolts or screws.

We Recommend: Iron Ridge Racking

We recommend you go with Iron Ridge racking, as it is strength tested, PE certified, and has a Class A fire rating. We are offering a 30-year roof leakage warranty because of our confidence in this product. This company offers a complete range of products for pitched roofs, flat roofs, metal roofs and ground mount installation, which can be used as per the requirement..

Our Offerings

We offer all of these Tier 1 panels.

Note: Other brands are also available on demand


We Recommend: Generac Generators

As a Generac authorized dealer, we strongly recommend Generac generators as these are the best available in the market .Generac Generators seamlessly integrate with the solar system and offer a comprehensive energy solution. With a Generac Generator, homeowners gain greater control over their energy usage and independence from the grid. This autonomy is particularly beneficial during emergencies or natural disasters when grid power may be compromised.

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