Cosmo Solaris



Solar Service Warranties and Guarantee

For 30 Years

All of these warranties will be written in our agreement in clear words.


Guaranteed SRECs Amount

The SRECs amount mentioned in the agreement will be guaranteed. If you get less than the guaranteed amount then we will pay the difference of the amounts.



30 year Power Production Guarantee

We guarantee consistent power production for 30 years. If your system falls short of promised kW/h, we compensate based on your bill and add extra panels to meet production targets.



Backed-Up Solar Warranties

Backed-Up Solar Warranties are your safeguard in the solar investment journey. They serve as a parallel and backup protection, ensuring your solar system’s performance is uninterrupted.



REC Pro-Trust Warranty

You also offer the REC Pro-trust Warranty. As we are REC Pro-Trust installer you have 25 years of warranty from REC on product, labor and performance.



Project Deadline Guarantee

We are committed to deliver the project in 6 to 8 weeks. But if we fail to complete the project in 10 weeks, then we will pay your electricity bills until the system is up and running.



30 year Product Warranty

We are providing you with a 30-year product warranty that includes the warranty for panels, inverters, and racking.



30 year Roof Leakage Warranty

You will be provided with a 30-year roof leakage warranty.



30 Year Labor Warranty

You are also covered with a 30-year labor warranty, if there is any issue with the equipment, we will reach out to you and fix it for you free of charge.You will be provided with a 30-year roof leakage warranty.



30 years Performance Warranty

We are offering a 30-year performance warranty of the panels that also includes degradation.



30 Year Transferable Warranty

For 30 years, all these warranties will be transferable to the new homeowner, in case you plan to sell your house.



Liability Insurance

If there is any mishap on your property while installing the panels, you are covered with insurance up to $1 million.