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Washington DC

Solar Energy System

Washington DC has rainy weather, but that doesn’t mean this state is not good for solar. It has an average of 152 sunny days which is enough to generate electricity. Moreover, state incentives, rebates, and tax credits reduce the cost of solar and make it affordable for the people of Washington DC. The net metering policy enables homeowners to get credit for the excess electricity their system produces.

The initial investment to go solar panels Washington DC State is pretty much higher, and everyone can’t afford it. But federal and local incentives are created to make it affordable, thus motivating homeowners to go solar.

If you are looking for solar panels Washington DC, we will provide you with a turnkey solution. At Cosmo Solaris, we aim to give you a hustle-free solution for your solar energy system. If you have any questions regarding equipment, installation, process, rebates, or incentives, feel free to contact, us and we will assist you in the best possible way.

Federal Tax Credit (FTC)

FTC is also known as the investment solar tax credit, that gives you a rebate of 30% on the cost of the installation of a solar energy system in the form of a tax credit.

The tax is available for anyone who installs or upgrades the solar energy system and can be claimed on your annual tax return. If you don’t have enough tax liability to utilize 30% of the tax credit, then the remaining credit will rollover to next year’s tax returns.

Those who choose to finance their solar energy system will get the FTC on the complete loan amount. But if homeowners go for a solar lease, they won’t be able to get this incentive.


Washington DC Net Metering

It is a billing policy that enables homeowners to save money on their electricity consumption. solar panels Washington DC doesn’t produce electricity in the evenings, and a lower amount is produced on cloudy days and in the winter. You can import electricity from the grid, when your solar energy system is producing less than your consumption. Residential solar panels Washington DC State can be exported back to the grid, when it is producing more than your needs. In this case, the utility gives you power credit, which you can utilize later or even roll over to the next month.

Washington DC offers a one-on-one buyback policy for the excess amount of electricity that is produced by your solar energy system. It means that the excess amount of energy is exported at the same rate at which the homeowner will import electricity from the grid. However, the excess energy is credited in kWh instead of monetary credit. For every kWh you send to the grid, you can use 1 kWh from the grid free of charge and it can be utilized throughout the year.

Solar Energy System Sales Tax Incentives

Washington DC offers a sales tax exemption for purchasing equipment and installing solar energy systems. This exemption can save $2000 for the homeowners going solar. This offer is valid until 2029.

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