Cosmo Solaris



Easy Installments

We also offer Solar Loans to clients with the following benefits: Enjoy the complete benefits of installation ownership without upfront investments. You can take control of payments on your terms.



Same As Cash Loan Option

We are offering the same as the cash loan option. The required credit score is as low as 580. Moreover, there is no loan origination fee in this plan.If you want a solar loan and the price of the system is 10K in cash. The loan amount will be the sum of the system price and the loan origination fee. Therefore, the loan amount will become 17K. But with us if you want a solar loan, your loan amount will remain the same as 10K as there is no loan origination fee.



No Upfront Charges

The loan doesn’t require any upfront charges or down payments. The first payment will be due 6 months after the approval of the loan application.


Unsecured Solar Loan

The best part is that there is no lien on the property; the loan will be issued against the solar energy system itself


Easy Loans Payments

We offer easy loan payments. Electricity bills will keep increasing while loan payments will be fixed throughout the loan term. You can choose the plan according to your affordability.



Loan Term

We offer different loan plans with loan terms ranging from 5 years to 25 years.The longer the loan term, the lower the monthly installments.



No pre-payment penalty

If you want to pay off your loan early, there will be no prepayment penalty. You just have to pay the remaining loan amount.



We offer solar loans with an APR ranging from 4.59 to 10.99.The higher the APR, the lower the dealership fee.


Cash Plan

Other than Solar loans we also accept cash payments, according to the client’s preference. The solar energy system purchased on cash is cheaper and has a better ROI as compared with financing the system.


Cash Payment

We offer cash payments in four easy draws

First Draw of 20%

After receiving the final design report and if the client decides to move forward

Second Draw of 20%

After all the permitting and interconnection approval, along with the HOA approval

Third Draw of 20%

After the arrival of the complete material on site

Fourth Draw of 40%

After installation is completed and the final inspection is passed.